GameStops stocks hedge funds and /r/wallstreetsbets explained

pinkwug comic: Two capitalist shaking hands, announcer saying: no one knows what happened, so sadly no one can be held accountable. 

Breaking news headline says: Once in a lifetime recession happens again. 


Reddit comments, first one by tendieslord69 saying: IT LITERALLY CANNOT GO TITS UP, next comment is by mywifesboyfriend:💎💎🤚🤚. 	

Next comment is by 420chan saying: We're going to the moon boys. 

TV announcer saying: The government needs to step in! sinister forces are destroying rich people money! 

Breaking news banner on the bottom says: Should every redditor be prosecuted?
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GameStops stocks hedge funds and /r/wallstreetsbets explained
published in January 27, 2021