literally capitalism

pinkwug comic: A background with circles, squares and triangles floating around

Panel 1: Yellow wug: "brutality disguised as meritocracy"

Panel 2: The whole scene zoomed out a little bit more: Yellow wug: "a game created by the wealthy and powerful"

Panel 3: The whole scene zoomed out a little bit more again: Yellow wug: "where one gains at the expense of many"

Panel 4: The background is revealed to be a graph on wealth inequality in America, showing that the top 10% has more wealth than 90% of the population as Yellow wug cries out: "this is literally communism"
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literally capitalism
published in October 21, 2021

Squid Game so popular conservatives are trying to figure out why capitalism is communism actually.

Hey you! Did you like Squid Game? If yes, you should check out Liar Game and Kaiji! They are of the same survival game genre as Squid Game. Oh yeah, also capitalism bad.